Why Visit Us


Why visit Altmann + Cherny

Opals are Australia's national gemstone
and a beautiful memento of your trip to Australia.

We understand that for the inexperienced, buying an opal may be a daunting experience.

Visit us for a comprehensive introduction into Australian Opals.


Our complimentary Opal Discovery Tour includes:

  • A unique film, depicting life on the opal fields, the struggle, the romance and the history of the opal industry.
  • Viewing of the “Olympic Australis”, the world’s largest and most valuable Gem Opal, found in 1956 at Coober Pedy, South Australia, weighing 17,700 carats and valued at AU$2,500,000.
  • Opal fossils, including fossilised bones of a plesiosaur.
  • Hands on explanation on opal mining, where opals are found,
    how opals are cut and polished, the different types of opal and what to look for in an opal.  
  • (allow 20 minutes for the tour)