18 Pitt Street, Sydney

Altmann + Cherny is one of the World’s foremost Australian Opal authorities. A reputation that extends throughout the World with constant referrals and recommendations.

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Visitors to their Sydney showroom, conveniently located next to Circular Quay at 18 Pitt Street receive a complimentary Opal education. Included in this informative presentation on all aspects of the Australian Opal industry is a unique film, depicting life on the Opal fields, the struggle, the romance and the history of the Opal industry. A hands-on description of the types of Opal, an explanation of Opal mining, where Opals are found, how Opals are cut and polished and how to value an Opal. The showing of Opal fossils, including fossilised bones of a plesiosaur and the viewing of the “Olympic Australis”, the world’s largest and most valuable Gem Opal, found in 1956 at Coober Pedy, South Australia, weighing 17,700 carats and valued at $2,500,000.

Altmann + Cherny’s Australian Opals are all carefully selected for their quality and value.

The experienced staff are renowned for their caring, attentive and informative service. 

Taking great pride in their range of Opals, from a special inexpensive gift to the very finest gem, Altmann + Cherny showcase this uniquely Australian gemstone to the world.


A family tradition in excellence for over 75 years,

proudly presenting Australia's National Gemstone, the Opal